What are the best areas for a motorbike trip in Laos?

Laos, a mysterious country still unknown by tourists. With its ethnic villages, miles of trails and incredible mountain views, it is the ideal playground for a motorcycle adventure. But where should you go? In which regions of Laos should you ride? Hard to decide in a country where the landscapes are very differents between north and south. Jeremy our motorcycle expert of our agency Off Road Laos Adventures, will reveal his favorite territories for a motorcycle trip and why.

Around Luang Prabang for beginner riders

Laos only opened to tourism very recently. Economic development is therefore very limited and only the cities benefit from it for the moment. This has the huge advantage of having left the countryside immaculate, preserved from any modern infrastructure. Thus, just out of Luang Prabang, you will come across bamboo forests and dense jungles. No need to go on a 10-day adventure to get a first glimpse of an adventure off the beaten tracks. Our expeditions start from 3 days and allow you to explore the Laotian countryside on paddy fields and dirt roads. You can visit villages of local ethnic groups surrounding Luang Prabang. This UNESCO World Heritage city, definitely worth a visit, is an ideal starting point for a two-wheeled tour.

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Northern Laos trip heading the tribes

Northern Laos, with its mountains and jungles, is the privileged territory of different Laotian ethnic groups. They live there in complete autarky, isolated in their villages composed of traditional houses. Meeting them is a real travel back in time, rediscovering a way of life that we thought was forgotten.

At Motolaos, we believe that sharing and talking with local people is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country. Moreover, spending a night in one of these tribal villages will help you understand what the daily lives of these tribes look like. The north of the country is also full of mountain trails. These paths, only used by hunters and gatherers in the area, are really great to ride on a motorcycle. They regularly offer breathtaking panoramas above hills as far as the eye can see. Often made of dirt, roots and mud, these tracks are ideal for bikers wanting a first off-road experience.

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Motorbike expedition in the west, legendary territories

The Golden Triangle, does it sound familiar to you ? This evocative name inspires mystery and legend. It is in fact the area at the borders between Laos, Burma and Thailand. It used to be a must-see business hub where many exchanges used to take place. As river transportation has become less important, local activity has decreased considerably. So what is the golden triangle now precisely? Well, it's still an amazing place, with its Chinese casinos with Italian columns, a real curiosity.

But the trip is more important than the destination, right? This is particularly the case here. To get there, you will follow the Mekong river for miles. Its banks offer sumptuous landscapes of mountains and jungle, and the shores are composed of corn, peanut or cucumber plantations and by the animals coming to refresh themselves.

And if you continue your journey a little further north of the Golden Triangle, the technical forest trails are waiting for you! The Nam Ha National Park is a fabulous area for bikers experienced in off-road riding. The trails, in the heart of the jungles, made with rocks and roots can be technical, but they offer very good sensations.

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Motorbike expedition in the east, mountain trails and historical ruins

East of Luang Prabang is a very mountainous region. It is also over there that sits the highest mountain of Laos, Phou Bia. Needless to say that the panoramas in this area are breathtaking. On the hillside, you will ride enjoying breathtaking views of the surroundings. And in addition to these landscapes, the area is full of cavernous places. So you can regularly find a cave, or a waterfall lost in the jungle. A real adventure Indiana Jones style !

If you are lucky, you can even admire what the Lao call "the sea of ​​clouds". This phenomenon occurs only when certain climatic conditions are met to form a cloudy ocean at low altitude.

Finally, east of Luang Prabang is the plain of jars. A total of 3 sites, are arranged hundreds of small vessels directly made from stone. This vestige of ancient times is worth the detour. Especially, since the road to get there is exceptional.

That's it, you are now unbeatable about the geography of Laos! But above all, you now know the best spots to ride a motorbike in Laos. So, do not hesitate, take a look at our motorcycle tours and contact our Off Road Laos Adventures team ! Whether you are an experienced endure enthusiast or an on-road biker only, we will be able to create an adapted itinerary for you. Enjoy your ride!

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