What does it look like to ride with Off Road Laos Adventures ?

Itinerary, organization, motorbikes, etc ... Jeremy, our motorcycle expert explains you everything about motorcycle trips organized by our agency Off Road Laos Adventures.

You are group of friends dreaming of riding in Asia? Or, a solo rider wishing to join an existing group ? In these two cases, Off Road Laos Adventures puts at your disposal his 18 years of experience in organizing enduro tours in Laos. Specialized in tailor-made tours, we are regularly scooting around to explore and propose new tracks adapted to your level. Through this article, we will explain you how a motorcycle trip is organized with our company. After reading it, you will have no excuse not to contact us !

A solid field experience for a perfect organization.

We have founded the first motorbike tour agency in Laos, therefore we know exactly what it means to be pioneers! We have been riding in Laos for 18 years, as soon as the country began to open up to the world. From the northern mountains to the ho chi minh trail, and through the golden triangle in the west part of the country, the tracks in Laos have no secrets for us. Even now, we regularly scoot around to make sure that our itineraries are still off the beaten track. Thanks to all this deep knowledge of the Laotian territory, we are able to offer tailor-made programs well fitted for every level. So, whether you're a confirmed enduro enthusiast, or a regular road biker looking for a first off-road experience, we'll put together a program that suits you perfectly.

A special attention is paid to our Honda CRF250-L motorcycles. With big deflections, an important ground clearance and a featherweight of 145kilos, these are the ideal bikes to face the Laotian tracks. So inevitably, we take care of them all year long. The motorcycles are checked thoroughly before and after each tour, the engine oil is changed regularly, as well as all the used parts. As a result, they are still in perfect condition after months of loyal services.

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Meetings with tribes and a human adventure

Our tours are not races, thus do not expect Dakars or Enduropales. We take the time to stop to immerse ourselves in the country, to contemplate the landscapes and to meet the locals. Our adventures are really dedicated to the discovery of authentic Laos with its mountains, its inhabitants and its villages of isolated ethnic groups. The best way to learn more about a country is share and talk with people who live there. That's why we propose to our bikers to spend a night home staying in a village. This is an opportunity to discover a typical country village, but also to learn more about the daily life of its ethnic groups living out of time. Moreover, the moments of sharing, around a meal drinking beer and local rice alcohol with the inhabitants, are always magical leaving unforgettable memories.

You will also meet your new best friend: your Laotian guide. He will be with you 24 hours a day and will take care of you and your motorcycles. He will repair small mechanical issues (punctures, etc ...), give you advice on off-road driving and especially, he will be your link with local people. He will translate everything so that you can interact with locals, and learn a lot about their culture.

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Off-the-beaten-tracks motorbike tours

Well, what to expect during a motorcycle trip with us? Certainly not at a walk of health! We adhere perfectly to the philosophy "adventure begins where the road ends". Our itineraries carefully avoid the tourist spots and other “must-do” sites that are not representative of Laos.

That's why, we leave very quickly the cities to lead you to the tracks of countryside and mountains.

We see motor biking as the best way to discover the authentic face of this country still preserved.

It allows you to explore off the beaten path, where only local farmers have access. Nothing is impassable on two wheels! Whether it's rocky mountain trails, rice paddies single-tracks, our CRF250-Ls are amazing machines for efficiency.

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How goes a typical riding day while on tour with us ?

In the details, how is a day riding with us? At what time should you set the alarm clock? How much driving time per day? So many questions that will find answers through this paragraph.

You will start your day around 07:30. But be aware that if you sleep home staying in a village, you will probably be awoken much earlier by the roosters and the morning activity of local people. Around 8:00 am to 8:30 am, you will enjoy a typical local breakfast with rice, vegetables and eggs, and a small banana for those who like sweetness. 9am is the time to go back on the bikes and continue your journey. During a typical day, you will ride on average between 5 and 6 hours depending on the difficulties and stops on your way, or 150 to 200 kilometers per day. It may seem short in distance, but some rocky tracks do not allow to go at high speed. Our tours are based on discovering the local culture, you will take your time to stop to visit villages and meet the locals. Breathtaking panoramas will most likely make you pause and take pictures.

Around 12:00, you will have a lunch break in a shop or local restaurant, probably in the middle of nowhere. Prepare to eat typically Laotian! Thus the meal will probably be a "pheu" (a noodle soup) or a simple dish of rice, chicken or pork with vegetables and accompanied by a small bowl of vegetable stock. Be careful with peppers!

Your riding day will end around 5-6pm by the arrival at a village or city to spend the night. You can enjoy the evening by drinking beers with friends, admiring the sunset, or observing the activity of the locals. Often very curious children will run to play with you if you bring a soccer ball.

Around 7pm, your guide will take you out for dinner. Generally, we do not include this meal in your circuit because in some small cities you have the choice. It is likely that you are tired of eating rice and a restaurant offers fries. This leaves you free to occupy your evening according to your desires ... Some riders are not hungry, some want to take a nap or spend time on the internet to give news to family. For all these reasons, you will be free from your activities, but the guide will always be there to accompany you.

Now, you know a little more about the typical day of a tour with Off Road Laos Adventures. If you want to explore our motorcycle tours, you can visit this page. We hope these explanations made you want to travel with us. We guarantee you a unique experience, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a biker. Read what our bikers are saying on their motorcycle tour with us.

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