Why is Laos the best country for a motorcycle trip?

Here are 5 reasons that make Laos the perfect playground for a motorbike adventure.

You are planning a motorbike trip with friends or family, but you are still not sure about the destination? You probably have in mind the usual countries for an endure trip such as Madagascar, Vietnam, or Portugal. But if you are looking for a different adventure, authentic, and especially far from tourist spots and their thousands of Instagram photos, forget about these countries...

Still resisting to mass tourism, the irreducible Laos remains the most preserved country in Southeast Asia. Thousands of kilometers of trails are unexplored. Today, only used by local farmers, they are a pleasure to ride on two wheels. This country brings together all the ingredients for an unforgettable motorcycle tour: river crossings, suspension bridges, mountain landscapes as far as the eye can see, breathtaking rice paddies, timeless tribes, smiling and welcoming local people...

At Off Road Laos Adventures, we are convinced that Laos is one of the best countries in the world to experience an enduro bike or trail trip with friends or family. But if you are still hesitating, here are 5 excellent reasons that will prove you that an off-road adventure in Laos is the epic ride of a biker's life !

A motorcycle expedition off the beaten tracks

Laos is a country with vast territories still preserved with natural reserves of untouched primary jungle, wild mountains and rice paddies dotted with small remote villages. Throughout your tour, you will encounter some very local singularities, because it is in the heart of these wild lands that river crossings, suspension bridges, tracks of lands, stones or mud await you!

No asphalt in the countryside, so the dirt tracks turn into muddy sections after few rains.

But who said that playing in the mud was only for children ?

You will ride on monkey bridges with uncertain stability or on wood bridges near village exits. If there is no bridge to cross a river, a bamboo raft will do the trick. And if the river is not too high, go for it! Our Honda CRF250-L are made for that. You dreamed of being an Indiana Jones on a bike? Well, here you are !

When we talk about real adventure thrills, we are quite serious! You will understand, driving in Laos, these are real challenges that push us to surpass ourselves.

So if you feel the soul of an adventurer and want to experience an unforgettable trip with bikers, this country is for you.

Meetings with ethnic groups and immersion in remote villages

There is a wide variety of ethnic groups in meeting foreign visitors, the tribes have preserved their ancestral cultures and customs. During your motorcycle trip to Laos, you will have the opportunity to cross and visit some of these villages. Culture shock guaranteed! You will discover their daily rhythm punctuated by the animist rites, rice culture, buffalo breeding, crafts, hunting in the jungle... Laos with their own traditions, beliefs and costumes. Living in an autonomous way on the borders of the country and rarely

So that the immersion is total, we also propose to spend the evening in some villages with the inhabitants, and to sleep there. Well sleeping is a way of speaking ... Going to bed around 8pm and waking up around 4am with the songs of the roosters, the beds are made of bamboo mattresses braided under a mattress, with a blanket and a mosquito net.

More than an enduro raid, it's an authentic journey through time that we propose to you. Useless to say that it makes you rethink our modern way of living.

A great diversity of sceneries with various breathtaking landscapes

Laos has another advantage of presenting a variety of landscapes. Therefore, on a 5 or 7-day motorcycle tour, you will ride on tight mountain laces, offering fabulous viewpoints on every bend of green mountain ranges stretching as far as the eye can see. You will drive on single-tracks in the middle of rice fields which, according to the season, will be of a bright green, yellow burned by the sun or real mirrors of water.

You will surely come across peasants protected from the sun by their big braided bamboo hats, a herd of buffalo or children playing in the water jumping from one rice terrace to another. You will crisscross trails in primary forest where the tropical nature is immaculate and exuberant. The must is the spectacular views of the mythical Mekong River, its tributaries and their valleys that will leave you speechless.

What riding background is needed for a motorcycle trip in Laos ?

Before going on an adventure on a motorcycle trail, it is normal to wonder if one has the necessary skills to succeed and enjoy his motorcycle circuit. It is certain that not everyone is able to cross a pool of mud or drive on technical tracks.

And well at Off Road Laos Adventures, we provide tailor-made tours. So, whether you are a regular road biker or enduro champion with 5 Dakar accomplished, we know how to adapt our motorcycle trips to your driving skills. As we have been exploring Laos on two-wheels for more than 18 years, we know a multitude of possible routes.

Every year, we go riding in the quest of finding new tracks offering new atmospheres or incredible points of view. For riders not really at ease with the offroad parts, we will prefer an experience on dirt roads. While for the heavy skilled riders, we will go for a more difficult motorcycle tour mixing rocky tracks, technical sections and river crossings.

A lot of unforgettable moments with friends or family

We all agree, a good bike trip is not just about riding. The most important memories are the meetings, the beers shared with local people, the moments of contemplation with friends in front of a beautiful landscape, etc ... And that, we understood it well.

Our motorcycle raids leave a great place for sharing, talking and encourage the meeting with the inhabitants. In the late afternoon, you will have time to sit with your riding mates around a beerlao (the local beer) to discuss the events of the day.

During the motorcycle raid, your English speaking guide will become your best friend. He will cherish your bikes, give you some driving tips if necessary, drink with you and make you discover the local cuisine. He will be the perfect link during your encounters with locals. Thus, the dinners shared with the villagers will always be full of surprises and will remain unforgettable memories. The language barrier will soon be forgotten, especially after a few glasses of the local rice alcohol, lao-lao.

Finally, on your way, you will have the opportunity to visit schools. You will realize that the conditions of education in Laos are light years away from ours. Curious children will come to meet you very quickly. They will be very happy to play football with "the foreigners", and you will never forget those moments.

As you can see, Laos is the ideal playground for an off-road motorcycle tour. A motorbike trip in Laos is above all a strong, human and authentic experience, to share with friends or family. The adventure in wild territory, the cultural shift, the warm welcome of the locals and the moments of sharing will make this trip the experience of a lifetime. So do not hesitate, take your plane tickets and join us!

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